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The Montessori method for toilet training is based on the theory of toilet learning, rather then training. The difference is that toilet learning implies that the child is a vital part of their own learning. Toilet learning is a natural process and should be done at a pace the child is confortable with.

It starts with readiness signs, and is not learned through a reward system. Toileting is a skill that needs to be learned. It cannot be taught over night. The key to toilet learning is teaching not training the child. Learning on their own is reward enough for them to be able to independently help themselves in remaining clean or not soiling themselves. Allow the child to learn on their own with a bit of support and help from the adult with the use of toilet training pants and clothes they can independently put on themselves. Toilet learning is linked to the child's self esteem, so genuine verbal praise is important. There are no 'accidents' during toilet learning, only lessons. Language also plays a big part in keeping a positive attitude with toilet learning. It is important to feel comfortable using adult words around children to describe body parts and function and when inviting children to use the toilet always keep it clear, direct and positive.

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